Loestrin 24 Fe Missed Periods

What Causes Loestrin 24 Fe Missed Periods

It has always been popular amongst physicians to prescribe birth control pills to help regulate a woman’s irregular periods. This sometimes helps to correct hormone imbalances. However, when a woman starts taking birth control to avoid unwanted pregnancy, missed periods are frequently a result. Birth control pills which contain progesterone will cause missed periods. This is the reason for Loestrin 24 Fe missed periods. This is not a cause for panic, but a normal occurrence. Of course, if you suspect you are pregnant, be sure and consult your doctor.

Most women do miss a period at least once in their life. This can be caused by stress, loss of weight, fatigue and other fatiguing situations. But many types of birth controls can also caused missed periods. Loestrin 24 Fe missed periods are not uncommon.

What are Loestrin 24 Fe Missed Periods

When a woman first starts taking birth control pills, the increased amount of progesterone changes the vaginal mucous as well as the lining of the uterus which prevents the sperm from reaching the egg as well as a fertilized egg from attaching to the uterus wall. This is how pregnancy is averted. By changing the woman’s hormone level, Loestrin 24 Fe missed periods are a result. If you are concerned, just use a calendar to keep track of your periods. Once the birth control pills are stopped, regular periods normally resume after 2-3 months. Loestrin 24 Fe missed periods are no exception.

What Effects Other Than Loestrin 24 Fe Missed Periods Should be Expected

Although Loestrin 24 Fe has the lowest dose of progesterone of all the birth control pills today, there are some effects of any hormone additions that are considered normal. These include dizziness, panic attacks, and cramps. This is just the body adjusting to the progesterone increase.

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There are quite a few homeopathic remedies on the market to help offset these effects. Consult your physician first before trying these natural remedies. Many women report being very happy with the missed periods but it does cause concern amongst a few women. They consider a missed period unnatural. Loestrin 24 Fe missed periods sometimes causes extreme mood swings in a small percentage of women and for this reason, they decide to either change birth control methods or abandon the idea of birth control altogether.

Loestrin 24 Fe Missed Periods Could Be Caused by Another Reason

If you suspect that Loestrin 24 Fe missed periods are caused by some other reason, consult your physician. Missed periods are sometimes caused by amenorrhea-primary. Your physician can do a simple test to find out if this is the cause of your missed periods. Always consult your physician before starting any birth control pills. And remember to stop smoking before starting birth control pills as smoking increases the risk of heart attack when taking birth control pills. Loestrin 24 Fe missed periods are a natural part of taking birth control pills but remember to get plenty of exercise, rest and eat healthy. Loestrin 24 Fe missed periods should not interfere with your daily life routine.

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